Notes to Parents


Supporting and encouraging your child is an important aspect of your role in the Cadet Program.
As a parent or guardian you will be expected to:

  • Ensure your cadet to arrives on time for cadet activities and be there to pick them up promptly when activities end

  • Ensure your cadet maintain all of their uniform parts and keeps them clean and in good order
    (ie doesn't lose them or leave them stuff under the bed or in a pile on the floor) and assist them to learn how to wash and iron their uniforms, polish their boots, sew on badges etc so that they will be prepared when they attend summer training without you.

  • Keep the Squadron staff informed of any changes that may affect your child’s personal file such as medical concerns, food allergies, emergency contacts, legal custody, and contact information

  • Keep the Squadron staff informed of any incidents or concerns, or if your child wishes to leave the program.  Feel free to contact the staff at any time.

In addition, as a parent of a cadet you are automatically a member of the Parents’ Committee.
You are asked and it is anticipated that you will:

  • Attend Parent Meetings between 7:00 & 9:00pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each Month

  • Assist with fundraising and other Parents' Committee events

  From the Parent's Committee  
  The 182 Squadron Parent's Committee is a group of parents that meet monthly to discuss and execute fundraising for extracurricular activities of 182 Squadron. We are a registered corporation and are required to have 3 officers. (President, treasurer, secretary). It is favourable to have the treasurer located in Gimli but in not essential.

Each year we, as a group, discuss fundraising activities that we will engage in throughout the cadet year. We would normally run from September to the end of May. If any fundraisers went exceptionally well, we may not have to run as many.

Our objective is to assist the squadron with extra costs of extracurricular activities that they do not receive funding for. In a normal year we would hold an annual ski trip, a mess dinner, final fun day and other enjoyable events if permitted throughout the year and cover all the meal and transportation expenses. We also fund the snacks, dainties, and beverages at the annual inspection/final parade ceremony. In the past we have also spent monies on flowers for staff that have fallen ill or where it has been appropriate for us to make a donation or purchase flowers.

Parents that are directly involved in assisting with cadet outings (fundraising events involving the cadets) are required to complete a volunteer screening package, the same for any parent wishing to run for an executive position. The forms are easy to complete and will contain a volunteer letter from our Commanding Officer so that the criminal record check will not cost anything.

So as a whole, we work together to assist the squadron with unfunded expenditures that enhances the cadet experience for our children, giving the same opportunity to all cadets.