Cadets are expected to attend:

  • the weekly sessions (Parade Nights) held from 6:45 to 9:15pm every Tuesday night between September to early June; and

  • various weekend activities on an average of once per month or on specific dates (ie  Remembrance Day).
    Cadets and Parent(s)/Guardian(s) will be notified well in advance of these dates.

Cadets should always be punctual and arrive 10-15 minutes before an activity starts.

Like school or work, if a cadet is unable to attend a Parade Night or training activity they are expect to contact the Squadron to report their absence ahead of time.

Attendance is taken at every activity as a cadet’s percentage of attendance is considered in the selection processes for Promotions, Squadron Awards, Summer Training and Recreational/Citizenship trips and tours.

Should a cadet not be able to attend for an extended period of time such as due to injuries, hospital stays, extended family trips etc but wish to remain in the program, a leave of absence can be arranged, where they would be excused from attendance for a specific period without penalty.

  Reporting Absences  

Cadets can use this form to report when they expect to be absent
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